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About Us

H&R Extinguisher Service is in the business of sales, service, training, & the inspection of fire extinguishers and fire hood systems for public and residential use. 

Servicing of the extinguishers include on site refilling of firefighting agents, rebuilding of extinguisher heads and annual inspections. Hydrostatic testing of portable fire extinguishers will be provided off site in our lab, with loaners in place at the business, providing no loss of downtime.  Providing annual inspections and testing of extinguishers and fire suppression systems in accordance with the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association),NFC (National Fire Codes) Volume 1 sections 10, 17 & 17-A.

Sales to include the widest variety of Class are A, B, C, & D type extinguishers, ranging from the 2.5 lb. for individual boats to the 150 lb for aircraft. Also included are exit signs, and emergency lighting.

 Mission Statement

To provide for our customers the highest level of performance, quality workmanship and service in a timely manner. We will strive to maintain a long term relationship with our clients by providing exceptional customer service, improving and promoting safety in the home and at the workplace.

We also provides OSHA approved annual fire extinguisher training for business’s that are required by NFPA 10 & OSHA 1910.157(g)..

H&R Extinguisher Service proud our-self with teaching individuals fire fighting skills using the equipment we sale and inspect knowing it could one day save a life.

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H&R Extinguisher Service

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