Signs & Illumination


Exit Signs

HR-Exit-RW-AC Universal Exit Sign-Red Background 

HR-Exit-RW-BB Universal Exit Sign-Red BG w/Battery Backup  

HR-Exit-GW-AC Universal Exit Sign-Green Background 

HR-Exit-GW-BB Universal Exit Sign-Green BG w/Battery Backup 

Explosion Proof Signs

HR-SLXTU2RW-20 Self Luminous Exit Sign Red Face 

HR-SLXTU2GB-20 Self Luminous Exit Sign Green Face 

Explosion Proof Lighting

HR-RH6N50Z2K2G Hazardous Location Emergency Light

Emergency Lighting

HR-EL-1W Emergency Lights  White Housing  

HR-EL-1B Emergency Lights Black Housing 


We carry an assortment of replacement batteries arranging from 1.2v to 12v .

Fire Extinguisher Signs

We have an arrangement of Fire Extinguisher Signs from vinyl adhesive to metal formed.